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Watercolor and acrylic ink on mixed media paper. 9"by 12".

Watercolor and acrylic ink. 9″by 12″.

Who would’ve thought that I would be making so much art a few years ago? I certainly wouldn’t! I was working in a totally different field, fundraising for non profit organisations, doing a lot of writing. I felt something was missing, I needed color in my life, but in what way, I didn´t know until I took a workshop in acrylic painting in 2011. I found a wonderful way to work with color and it all developed from there.

I have been drawing and painting for four years now – since that summer of 2011. It started like a small well trickling little streams of water, gradually becoming a stronger stream.

In 2013 I joined the Year of the Giraffe, a year long class hosted by Seattle based artist Carla Sonheim. She also called it a year long experiment on creativity and art. This turned out to be a wonderful experience. I took many more drawing and painting classes since then.

Slowly and gradually I am finding my own voice by just making a lot of work. I have found a well that will not stop any more. And I am really happy about that.

I am sharing some of my art work through this website. You will find pages on:

Recurring themes: giraffes, flowers and … birds, birds, birds!

I love giraffes. Joining the year long creativity experiment The Year of the Giraffe in 2013 has a lot to do with that. Carla Sonheim hosted this year long thing – giving us a creative prompt every month. We drew, painted, sculpted and made stuffed animal giraffes. The choice of subject was never a problem – it was set for the year. I read about giraffes, found out more about them. Slowly the giraffe grew on me. We had monthly conference calls – sharing our experiences – and a group on Yahoo and on flickr  – to share pics of our art work. The group of participants grew into a wonderful supportive community. I’ve come to appreciate that art community very much.

Another recurring theme is flowers (and garden scenes). Flowers make me happy. I can’t always have fresh flowers in my home – but will try to get them often. By painting them they can be with us always. So painting flowers has become a recurring topic. My interest in drawing and painting flowers grew out of a combination of art classes: a wonderful online class by painter and art educator Diane Culhane and several watercolor classes from Fred Lisaius – both part of the online art classes hosted by Carla and Steve Sonheim. They provided the inspiration to make flower paintings. Now they flow out of my pencil, pen, or brush from time to time – also when I hadn’t planned them.

I’ve come to like drawing and painting birds a lot too. It was a matter of choice, partly. I entered a challenge to make 101 birds in 101 days in September of 2014. We chose birds as our subject, as we already had done several and liked it so much. During the challenge I found I could indeed work on that subject over and over again. I love both drawing real birds (from photo references) and from imagination. Gradually the birds that I created crept into other art work too. It was just like during the Year of the Giraffe: finding a subject for a drawing or a painting is never a problem- if I can’t think of something else, it will be a bird. And why not? They are so interesting, have lovely colors. If that’s not enough, there’s also imaginary birds. They are fun, you can draw them with all kinds of expressions, vibrant color or just black and white.

So much to enjoy about making art. I hope you will enjoy it too.


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