Corinne maakt

My drawing and painting life


Blogs of artists and art teachers that inspire me:

*Knockart studio / Mieke Siemons‘ website en blog. I love doing art classes with Mieke in her wonderful loft studio in Vianen, a small town in the centre of The Netherlands. Her lessons are a nice mix of seeing examples of art from art history and doing assignments based on these examples. Her classes are a nice mix of restrictions (this is the task) and freedom (she allows us a lot of space for our own interpretation).

* Carla Sonheims blog: Carla is a Seattle based artist and art educator; she and her husband Steve run Sonheim Creative and host online classes about drawing, painting, photography, collage and more. For years it was mostly Carla’s drawing and painting classes, some photography classes by Steve. Since last year classes by other artists have been added one by one.

* Monica Rita Miller: A year with Rabbits

* Lisa Firke: Lisa is known for wonderful drawings and paintings and graphic design. She has a thing for rabbits and quirky art.

* Niya Christine: Niya is an artist designer and storyteller; in 2013 she made a painting for each day of the year, and wrote a book about it. She taught a miniclass on Summer Art Camp 2014 that I loved. Find out more about her through her website.

The 101 Bird challenge (September to December 2014)

In September 2014 Kathrin Werner from Germany, Jill Kuhn from the USA and I started the 101 Birds challenge, to make 101 birds in 101 days. The three of us finished on December 9th with a great set of bird pieces.

Jill Kuhn shares a bird a day even now on her blog Jill´s Art Journal. She makes collaged birds every day with the funniest names and sometimes pieces of her fabric and bead art.

Kathrin Werner shares her lovely and often funny bird pieces through the blog Kathrins World of Colours.

The 101 Art Challenge (June to September 9th 2014) and Art 101: Artists Supporting Artists Facebook group

* Juna Biagioni Art – Juna inspired me to start the challenge.

* The Art 101 Challenge has a Facebook Page where many artists share their art. It is a wonderful supportive group: Art 101: Artists Inspiring Artists.

* Stephanie Cant  started the challenge – she in her turn was sparked by this video of a TED talk by JolieGuilebeau . Find out about Stephanie’s art work on her website: Two Raggy Doodles.

Jolie Guilebau talks about how she set herself the task of making a hundred pieces of art, one piece a day. Then another 100. The moment she did that, and wrote daily newsletters about it, she started to assemble a bunch of followers and started to sell her work.

Stephanie was so inspired by this talk, she decided to follow Jolie Guilebeaus example. She made it public and started a facebook group (Art 101: Artist supporting artists) for anyone who wanted to do the same.

101 Art challenge participants

The group of first artists that decided to accept the challenge were all together about 20 in number. When I entered end of June, there were over 50 participants (at least in the facebook group), by now (April 2015) almost 200. The original 20 set themselves a target: an amount of pieces (be it one a day, or one a week), and often also targets like starting a social media presence and opening a webshop for their art.

I put up links to websites or blogs of most of these other artists as I got to know them better (and found the time to do this).

If you are one of these lovely people and see anything that is out of order, outdated, or anything else wrong with it, please contact me through the comments section (on any blogpost), or via the 101 Artists Supporting Artists group.

* Iris Fritschi Cussens, of Iris Impressions Art. Iris makes inspirational videos about making art. Check her out!

* Terri Churchill , Dreams and Visions art. Terry makes wonderful paintings in vibrant colors.

* Cherilyn Clough, Little Red Survivor Art.

* Lucy Brydon, Lucy’s blog: “Art by Lucy Brydon”.

* Vivienne Feitsma,

* Lynda Norton, her blog is called My Creative lifestyle

* Jaybird street, website Painted Jaybird.

* Kathrin Werner also entered the 101 Artist challenge; and cohosted the bird challenge group on flickr with me (see above).

* Julia Sears Osterc (etsy lovingrd)

* Robyn K Terry, her website; and Faith Miner’s Daughter, her page on Facebook.

* Carla Persoon-Deen, made 101 art cards, she writes about her creative practice on her blog: Carla’s Crea Corner.

* Tanya Miller Poling

* Marlene Butteriss

* Jeanette CM

* Rita Seed, her blog

* Wendy High, Wendy High Studios

* Brandi Dayton, Brandi Daytons blog

* Deezy Art, Blog van Deezy Art

* Rachel Mense, Rachels website

* Sue Fowler

Edit on August 19th 2014 :

I added Stephanie and the TED talk – that is the least I could do – and should have done a long time ago. I started to add those artists that said they were still working on the challenge around August 17th and 18th (18 in total). For some I included their website or blog : Iris, Terri, Cherilyn, Lucy, Carla and others.

2 comments on “Blogroll

  1. Juna Biagioni
    April 20, 2015

    I’m so happy you were inspired to join the challenge. Great to see how you unleashed your artsy side, love your vivid drawings and paintings!

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