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30 paintings in 30 days January 2016

I am joining Leslie Saeta in the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge in January of 2016.

Leslie is a painter and art teacher, who organizes this challenge for painters twice every year (which must be lots of work , so hurray for her!). I joined in September 2015 and now again in January 2016. The idea is to challenge yourself to paint more. For this reason I started a series of paintings in watercolor. I may not get to 30 paintings – they take a bit of layering. For this reason I start adding paintings I made earlier than this month.

I will post images on this page (more or less as we go).

FLORAL paintings:
Day 1 of the challenge: Peony , watercolor painting :

Day 2 of the challenge: Another watercolor flower:

Day 3 : Flower and critter, a watercolor painting

Day 4 : Flowers of Youth, A mixed media painting with watercolor, gesso and collage :

Day 5 A flower abstract (

Day 6 An abstract floral motif :

Day 7 Abstract floral motifs:

Day 8 ( I forgot to post)

Day 9 Flower doodle painting,


Day 10 Dragonfly cut,  egg tempera and oil painting inspired by the work of Co Westerik, canvas board, 40 x 50 cm :

Day 11 Portrait of a writer, oil painting inspired by the work of Lucian Freud, canvas board,  40 x 50 cm,


Day 12 Fox, ink drawing on a smash page, i.e. a randomly painted page (30 x 42 cm)

(see above)

A series of “Imaginary animals”- most done in January 2016 – as I am dropping into illustration mode

Most of these are on A5 size paper ( appr 15 x 21 cm)

Dec26_IC bird dancer_crop

Day 13  Bird –Dancer, A5 watercolor painting on watercolor paper

Jan2_IC_cow goat_fin

Day 14 Cow-goat , A 5 watercolor plus gesso

Dec28_IC Rooster and Greenie_fin

Day 15 Rooster and Greenie, watercolor pen colored pencil and charcoal

Dec28_IC stacked birds_fin

Day 16 Stacked birds , watercolor , pen, colored pencil and charcoal

Jan4_IC_Bird peace_fin_cropped

Day 17 Bird Peace, watercolor , pen, lots of gesso

Jan10_Shawna and Elli_IC10_crop

Day 18 Sara and Elli (sheep and elephant illustration), watercolor , pen, lots of gesso, on A5 watercolor paper

Jan16_ IC_bunny_fin

Day 19 Bunny , Watercolor, pen and lots of gesso, on A5 size watercolor paper

Jan13_ IC_animal air and water_cropped

Day 20 Leopard man and trumpet fish, Quick painting in watercolor, pen and some gesso on A5 size watercolor paper

Dec29_IC Fox_really finished c

Day 21 Fox finale, Watercolor, pen and some gesso on A5 size watercolor paper



Leslie is a wonderful painter and teacher. She hosts a radio show called ‘Artists Supporting Artists’. You can listen to recordings with all kinds of helpful advice for working artists. Do Check out her website and blog for  links to her work, teaching and radio show  (all easily found from the challenge page).


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