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Day 25 of 100 day project

Day 25 already. For a while I felt I was ‘all over the place’, lacking focus. I wanted to work on a series and lost my way, didn’t feel like it anymore. There were some circumstances that didn’t help, but I couldn’t help but feel bad about it anyway…

Fortunately there’s a wonderful community online – in one of the groups of former year long classes. When I talked about it, some people helped me see that sometimes that’s how it is.

Hurray for that online community!

What have I been up to? After 25 day I have several kinds of drawings and sketches and I worked on three new paintings.

I knew I wouldn’t be doing the same thing everyday. All in all there’s three of four things that come back on a regular basis.

1. Graphite drawings (graphite of any variety counts) of animals, hands and faces. I will show some later. Some of them sketches, preparing the way for paintings.

2. Painting the face. I was very inspired after seeing a lesson by Sabra Awlad Issa (from the Paint Your Heart and Soul course of 2019). I will show some of the work later.

3. Drawing the face in colored pencil. Or rather, drawing van Gogh like faces like this one.



Master copy, after a van Gogh Painting, colored pencil on kraft paper

There are days when I don’t have much time, and sometimes I remember the project quite late. On one of those days I started by copying after a painting by van Gogh (Portrait of Armand Roulin, 1888, part of the collection of the mueaum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam). I had seen a picture of the painting online when preparing for a visit to the museum in Rotterdam.

By the way – I went to an exhibition on the connections between artists, architects and designers from the Netherlands and from the Bauhaus movement, very nice!

In three consecutive days I got it to a place I could call the drawing finished. First day, just the contours. Day 2 I was rather late, added only a little color. Day 3 I took my time and ended up at this stage

Having looked at it so much, I had it imprinted in my mind. A few days later I drew something similar from memory.



Mister Roulin, Master copy, from memory

Drawing in one go, no looking at the original, only by the end. There are some problems with this one, but he looks more loose. And he looks more like a man, than the first, doesn’t he?

Doing more than one van Gogh, is partly inspired by Lucy Cooke’s drawings of van Gogh paintings. She shares her approach to master copying van Gogh in her lesson on Let’s Face It 2019.

4. Collage work.

Some days I start several collages. On March 29 I started five or six. The page below had only two pieces then (geometric shapes, white and green-blue). I cut more shapes, but worked on other pages. A few days later I took some collage time again, cutting new pieces, moving them about. I ended up here:


Collage work in progress. Cutouts from magazines and found papers on Kraft paper.

Almost there, don’t you think?


All in all I’m quite happy. I’m progressing on more than one ‘project’.

2 comments on “Day 25 of 100 day project

  1. Sheila Delgado
    April 3, 2019

    Good for you Corinne! Amazed at what you did from memory. Have fun!

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