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Dipping into the wax


Detail of a wax painting tester

For a long time I’ve wanted to try out encaustic painting. I’m trying it out now. After doing the year of daily creating – and painting the hundred small paintings from May to July, I felt I needed to refill the well, learn new things. And I am.

I’m taking an online class by Stephanie Hargrave ‘Intro to Encaustic Painting‘. The class is hosted by Carla Sonheim Presents. I asked Carla whether they might do a rerun, and woo hoo she decided to do so!

I had been wondering about how to set it up, where to get all the supplies. In Europe there’s a different style of encaustic that’s quite current (painting on special paper using a heated iron); getting the materials that Stephanie uses is a different matter. Encaustic paint from the USA isn’t cheap; you can buy it online of course, but I prefer buying locally. Finding all the materials in my country took a while. But I’m getting there!

The class starts early next week, on Tuesday 18th of October and will run for a month. Check the description and intro video out on Carla’s website. The video shows you Stephanie talking about the course. There’s 12 lessons, working from set up and safety through basics like how to handle the wax and onto shapes and lines, and some fun ways to add materials to an encaustic painting) and you can see some of the work.

I love Stephanies work. Her paintings are wonderful celebration of color, line work and of nature. Besides she knows her stuff and knows how to explain it very well!

Encaustic painting is painting using beeswax and pigments. Paintings can look luminous and magical. They can be smooth or very textured. I’ve looked around online at other ways to work with the wax, and I’m thrilled to be learning this technique from Stephanie in this class.

By the way. In 2014 the earlier run of this class by Stephanie ran. Then it was done over the course of three months, in monthly blocks of three lessons in one week with plenty of practice time in between. I will probably be practicing for quite a while after the last lesson.


Detail of a tester using encaustic wax paint done as part of the course

I’ve tried a few things out already. And I think it’s exciting and fun to dip my brushes into the wax, melt it, move it around myself or see it move around on its own accord. I’ve already found that it’s not easy to control the wax, so I will have to accept the fails and celebrate the unexpected. Yeah!


Carla Sonheims website : she hosts many online classes; see her blog and free tutorials.

Stephanie Hargrave teaches the class Introduction to Encaustic Painting. from October 18 – November 11. There’s also a follow up class on Creating a modular encaustic painting. (I’m holding my horses, but I would love to try that one out too.)

Stephanie Hargrave has a website – where you can find more of her beautiful work:



5 comments on “Dipping into the wax

  1. Jill Kuhn
    October 15, 2016

    Hi Corinne! I’m thinking of repeating the class too. I’d like to get back into encaustics as its really fun. I’m doing Lynn’s flower class so not sure I have the time but maybe I can create encaustic flowers? Lol! 😃🎨💕

    • corinnebekker
      October 16, 2016

      Hi Jill. I would love it if you join – if only for a bit?! But I know about being in too many classes. Lynn’s class is tempting – but I cannot do that right now, either. I’m also in a class by Este Macleod – and have to finish most projects…. so no Big Bold Blooms for me for a while. Wish I could clone myself and do it all, but I can’t. The results I’m seeing from some people are amazing though. 🙂

      • Jill Kuhn
        October 16, 2016

        Yes, it is hard to do it all! 😍🎨 I look forward to seeing what you do in the encaustics.

  2. Sheila Marie Delgado
    October 15, 2016

    I have been wanting to learn encaustic for a few years now. I just do not have the space for the set up. I am so EXCITED to see what you will be learning, and creating. And even seeing your mistakes…and learning how to fix them. FUN! Her video intro is so inviting!! Have fun Corinne… and show us everything OK?! Enjoy!

    • corinnebekker
      October 16, 2016

      Well, the set up is what kept me from it for a while. Right now I”m doing it in my kitchen studio – when all the family is away. So I have to clean up before dinner. A temporary solution. I will show some of the results soon.
      Yes, Stephanie speaks in a very inviting and encouraging way. Seeing her building up her sample pieces is wonderful. I know I am already in love with this medium now. An expensive love it is, though. I’ll soon be experimenting with making my own wax paint, I think. 🙂

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