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That time of year…


Drawing after photo reference, colored pencil on paper

Sometimes when I have some spare time I just pull out pens, pencils or other art supplies  and draw. The above drawing I did while waiting for someone at the playground near my home. The sun was out, it was not very cold yet, though the chill of fall is in the air. We sat inside waiting for the woman who ‘runs’ the playground. There was a magazine, a photo in it and plenty of colored pencils. Nothing fancy, cheap ones. Off I went.

You probably think I mean it’s the time of year when the leaves are falling… but no, I mean it’s the time of year when year long online classes in art are announced. By now there are so many interesting classes, it would take a double or triple week to do them all. Part of that time of year is also that there are a lot of give-aways going on. I got into a few, but it’s so much time I quickly abandoned it. I just can’t sit at the computer for so long – and I’d rather spend it on other things. It doesn’t sat anything about the courses, more about my state of health and me trying to save the little time I  have online for content and not give-aways. I’m trying not to get into all that. Though, given that I’m  currently not accepting jobs in my business,  not getting much income, I would very much like to win in one of those give-aways.

I’ll name one course I would love to join. I’ve been dreaming a bit from time to time to start doing more faces, more portraits. To become a portrait painter. Ah! One of too many dreams! Anyway…. For the year of 2016 Kara Strachan Bullock started a course called Let’s Face It (2016). She works together with a line-up of interesting artists who love painting faces. Lots to learn. I didn’t join that course – I was already over-committed. Besides I wanted to different things each month and not be tied to that one subject. But boy was I tempted time and time again to join after all. Anyway, during the year of daily creating I spent the first month (September 2015) working on faces. At that time I took the course “Scribble art” by Julie Johnson ( google: Jeanne Oliver’s ning network!). It was wonderful. She shared several interesting techniques for drawing, some I knew (but not in the way she uses them) and others were new. And the practice of doing faces every day – I learned so much just in that one month. So when I heard 2017 will have another Let’s Face It – and I was tempted again. So much! And you know what? Julie Johnson is teaching in it too! And several other artists I’ve come to love. One of them is Renata Loree. Last week there was an art auction online, for which I received an invite. And I LOVED Renata Lorees painting in it. Wow. Well, Renata also hosts a give-away for Let’s Face It 2017 on her blog. Go check it out. You can still enter. 🙂

Meanwhile I will just work on ongoing lessons and delay making my decision about 2017 a little longer. But will keep my fingers crossed about the give-away. More about interesting year long courses next time.


Kara Strachan Bullocks Let’s Face It 2017. Also a class with several artists – teaching about painting the face, about portraiture.

Renata Lorees  blogposts in October (one about the give-away and one with links to the art auction page).

Renata Loree has an art page on facebook called Artentive.



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