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Lessons from the hundred, part one

or: day 23 through 25 of the challenge.

I’m going through my 100 paintings to choose what to share for the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge. I feel I need to share a series of colorful paintings as a group. They seem to belong together, I don’t know why.I also promised lessons I took from the year of daily creating. Well it turns out there’s a lesson here for me in this group of paintings.

I shared the two paintings ‘abstract on H’ earlier. They were painted in mid June. There were several others with similar color scheme and similar approach. All were done using acrylic paint and Inktense pencil. In some ways they belong together, in other ways they seem different. I’m mulling it over in search of an answer what it is that connects them.

Next came “Giant waves and monsters”. For some reason close to my heart too.


and Four mountains , painted the same day, not so important to me.


Then in between all the bold bright colored paintings I had a flirt with grey. “Going for grey” and “Let’s make some mud”. That was fun. After this I was not afraid of mud or grey any longer. 🙂 *

This was followed by the next two, “Invite the grey and accept the mess”.

Jun20_square 1_Invite the grey and accept the mess

and “Skidding skidding toward the dark” Jun20_square 2_Skidding skidding toward the dark

What are these paintings?

I am still looking for a way to characterize these paintings. Can I see there’s a kind of style to them? I am thinking about that sometimes as many artists do. Painting a hundred paintings within the same constraints had to do with that. See if something of ‘me’ surfaces and/or becomes more apparent to me. There’s people who tell me they always recognize my paintings the moment I post them in groups , but I wonder: what is it that makes them ‘from me’? Hence the question above: what are these paintings? What do they have in common? Maybe it’s easier when I look at them together once more. Like when I made this collage I called them “Letters and titles paintings”. They are connected but only loosely it seems. It feels a bit like I was threading a series of beads together on a string. The beads were all made from the same materials but not with the same intent.


The question in my mind is: Do they belong together? Why? Or not? Why not? What is it that connects them? Sometimes other people know better what’s going on than the makers themselves. Anyone with a good idea, I’d love to hear it, please.

Perhaps the grey/mud paintings don’t belong.It’s more about the use of the paint and making neutral colors, that doesn’t go for the others. At the time I made them I was also trying out neutral colors in some of my larger paintings. That were totally different paintings, large and about flower shapes, inspired by Lynn Whipples art class “Big Bold Blooms”.

I can see different sources of inspiration and influence on the others. For instance classes by Diane Culhane and Carla Sonheim about flowers and gardens. I can also see the effect of studying famous artists. I see the influence from one particular painter (Basquiat and his skulls) in ‘Invite the grey…’. But don’t ask me why the skull is combined with a piece of cake? Probably because I just felt like making it. Anyway, I can see how all of that got combined and translated into these smaller paintings.

And oh my, did I have fun making these.

Mulling it over now, I remember teachers once saying that some of the things you study and draw go into your subconscious to flow out of you in unexpected ways at a later time. I think that is what happened here. When these teachers told me that, I knew  in a rational way they must be right. Now I know from experience. I am really happy about that.

Lesson number one from the year of daily creating. There will be more.


One comment on “Lessons from the hundred, part one

  1. Sheila Marie Delgado
    September 27, 2016

    WOW… lot’s to see and enjoy! Not afraid of mud is a good thing. 🙂

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