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3,2,1! A Year of Daily Creating Finished!

The final three days of my year of daily creating were spent with zentangle practice. After many days using the book by Becka Krahula to learn patterns I found a wonderful website which shows many tangle patterns, by Linda Frame. This will allow me to go on learning patterns. The site supplies images of many patterns plus descriptions and/or links to place where you can learn how to do them. An incredible treasure trove for me now!

It’s part of the zentangle philosophy that a pattern is abstract, and can be made by using simple strokes and shapes (straight line, curved line, S shape, dots and dashes and such) and it should possible to make the basis pattern in just a few steps. It’s true for most of them. Many of the patterns Linda shows are original tangles introduced by zentangle founders Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts. Or they were made by others and subsequently gathered and described in newsletter of the zentangle community. Linda delivers links to newsletters when appropriate, in which Thomas and Roberts describe tangles, and give ‘step outs’: simple steps showing how to make a pattern.

I tried out two new patterns. First the one called Umble.


I used it in this practice shape.

Aug30_zentangle practice part1crop

Zentangle practice piece, YODC day 365

The one I really love right now is called ‘Ellish’. Not really simple looking, but broken up into steps it’s easy to learn.


Zentangle sketchbook page, practice page, day 365 YODC

I was inspired by the variation  of this pattern into larger shapes (‘tangleation’ is the word for a variation in zentangle speak) to make this piece below. I used the variation above and moved one step further. The basis for starting this is the S shape (three of them radiating from the centre of the piece placed at equal distances from each other); after adding enough embellishments of those S shapes, the next three are added behind.

Aug30_zentangle practice part2

Ellish variation, brush pen in sketchbook , day 365 of YODC

On August 31 , day 366, I went one step further. Or should I say I went overboard in this great balancing act?

Aug31_zentangle piece

Balancing act, brush pen and Micron pen in sketchbook, day 366 of YODC

Totally happy to have finished my year of daily creating. Yeah! Happy dance!

Quick process notes

Finishing has all kinds of effects. I feel happy and sad. I feel it’s the beginning of a new year – I even went into a book shop to look for a new diary. I don’t think I can stop. When I put on some kind of music, I feel a sudden urge to paint square paintings! Making art daily has become a habit. I don’t think I will be able to shake it off so easily. I also feel a bit like a long distance runner right now. (Well not really, haha.) After a long race they drop down exhausted sometimes. But they probably look after their bodies better all year round. Me, I should learn from them. All the sitting down, making the art and the blogposts on my little desk, hasn’t always been good for my body. I will be looking for better studio habits the coming year.

I will be posting some summaries, collages of images and a list of lessons learned soon. Letters of gratitude, sources of inspiration, ideas for parties, workshops and studio time doing long term art are all on my mind a lot these days. Look out for this and more on this blog!

Link : a website by Linda Frame, collecting all kinds of tangle patterns including sources / links.


2 comments on “3,2,1! A Year of Daily Creating Finished!

  1. Sheila Marie Delgado
    September 2, 2016

    What an amazing accomplishment! I am in awe!

    • corinnebekker
      September 3, 2016

      Thanks Sheila! And thanks so much for cheering me along for such a long time. ❤

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