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Growing pains

I plan to make larger paintings based on the series of hundred. I will choose from the hundred paintings the ones I really like. I would like to try ‘blowing them up bigger’ as it were. Growing them. I started doing that a week ago. I already showed you a series of three that are 30 x 30 cm instead of the 20×20. Baby steps, baby steps. I will do more of that size, but have also started some on size 40x40cm.

This week I started to make collages of my scan images. Sets of 25. Here’s one of them

First25appr Collage

First set of 28 of the 100 paintings, starting mid May

There’s quite a few I really love. Here’s two from early July. I put several paintings out on the table (including these two) and got going.

I started out by painting a few more 20×20 paintings, to get into the feeling for them. I copied some I made earlier that I love, or at least I tried to. On the first and third I think I was successful getting the same feel as on earlier paintings, the second is a new one. I used different paints, so there’s a slight shift in the colors.

You might call them warming up paintings. I went on to work on the larger canvases. On one painting I succeeded in producing a similar painting. On the second I couldn’t get it to work and decided to make a more layered painting. I ended up in a more or less impressionist style. I was thinking of a painting class where we used stippling. Stippling shifted to larger patches of color. I need to go back to the studio to see if they are finished.

2016-08-26 17.35.36

Here’s a close up of one of them. I may have to get rid of the flowers.

aug26_blooms and abstract background4040

When I was happy with the stage of this painting, I decided to try on a larger canvas.

Since then I’ve been making smaller paintings again at home. Only some feel successful. In fact today I think only one  (the colorful trees) make the mark of ‘good enough’. (Yes, I’m noticing a lot of inner critic activity these days.) Well, it is the only one that makes my eyes really happy. I like the lightness of the yellow and bright aqua and light blue.

Aug28_Trees in landscape

Colored trees in landscape, 20x20cm

I rather like these colorful trees in landscape. The rest of the small paintings I did earlier this week, I didn’t like very much. I felt like I’m in a phase I need to move through quickly. I’m showing the rest anyway (see below). Just to share the way the process works.



I think I need to do something different from painting of these squares for a while. Someone should tell me:”Go sit under a tree and rest, woman!” I hope I think of that next time I’m in front of a mirror. 🙂

The countdown. Studio day was August 26. The small paintings were made on August 28 and 29. And there was a zentangle tile as well on August 29. It took a long time making the shading work on that one. Looking at it now, I’m quite happy with it. Two days to go. 🙂

Aug29_Zentangle tile

In fact. I’m a day behind posting. I’ve done a long session of zentangle practice today, trying out new patterns. That’s enough for today. One day to go. Tomorrow is the last day. I think I’m going to cry. Happy tears, mind you!


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