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Five days to go. No four, no three!

August 26, day 361. I started with zentangle practice at home. I’m starting to like that very much. Good for focus. Sometimes it’s more to get into the zone then for the result. Other times I’m lucky to find a nice composition. I’m truly inspired by Beckah Krahulas book “One Zentangle a day”. I learned two or three patterns every day for a month. After 30 days , there are not many new patterns in the book (so I look for new ones online), but lots of inspiration to find your own style by playing with the patterns, making your own variation (tangleations). She shows ways to expand possibilities by opening up the composition and make borders. She also shows many examples to use color on so-called zentangle inspired art (ZIA).

On this day I tried to allow open space in my composition. I looked up the pattern Mystique online. I only used fine pens (Micron 01 and 03). Patterns used are Mystique, Poke leaf, Mookah, B’tweed, Shattuck, Printemps, Chillon, Bales, Tat plus enhancers and variations of patterns. I have grown to love adding the seed shapes. Aug26_Two compositions

This was actually my warmup. I spent the afternoon in the studio painting away. I will show those pieces in a separate post. Day 361 well spent! Five days to go. 🙂

August 27, day 362. It’s a Saturday. After shopping, waving my hubby  bye-bye , watching a football match of my sons new team, still lots of time. Time to learn new zentangle patterns. I found a newsletter online where Maria Thomas introduces the pattern ‘Fengle’ and shows her variations. (Fengle is based on S shapes, made into a kind of wavy composition.) Wow. Wonderful work. I copied some of her pieces in a practice session on Saturday night.  I also loved the way she put them on imaginary tile shapes and scattered these across her page. I added that in later, so my version is a bit more like torn pieces of paper. I love the wavy lines, and the one she opened up into a see-through piece (third below). Another day well spent. Four to go!

Aug27_new tangle patterns

Day 363, Sunday August 28. After copying Fengle variations created by Maria Thomas on Saturday night, I used three of them today in this piece below. The smallest one is the original Fengle shape (I only added the thickening of lines as a small variation). I ‘hung’ the three Fengles in a ribbon-like border, using different patterns on that. Ha, another session well spent. Three days to go!

Aug27_Fengle variations_retouched

Process notes

I am starting to like my zentangle compositions more. I need to start using better paper, or at least stop drawing on the back of these pages. The patterns of the next page are showing through in the scans.

Though it might be fun to show you results every day, I can’t always manage to do the work, make scans (ánd crop and retouch them) and post the same day. I decided to put the results on the zentangle work of three days in one post.  That’s also fun, isn’t it? I will try and post the final three days in consecutive posts. 🙂

I am looking forward to the first day after a year of daily creating. Will I just stop? Sometimes I feel afraid that if I stop doing the daily work, I will never begin again. I know that’s not true, but still…. On the other hand I know it’s become a habit. I will probably feel bad if I don’t do anything.

Sometimes I feel I want to do everything I have tried this year and make these final days into a kind of art orgy. I do have the time to do that right now. But it’s probably not wise. Even after a day like Friday, where I spent hours in the studio, I need to wind down before I can sleep. I should probably allow myself to live by my motto: There’s always another day. The motto has truly taking on a new meaning for me lately. Making a hundred small paintings, made me understand that motto so much better. There IS a new day every day. I am getting a lot better at letting go of result orientation and at failing even. After all, after some experiments, or some failed paintings on some days, there’s always another day with work that I really love. Such a wonderful experience.


What shall I do the final three days? Just do zentangle? Or more square paintings? More importantly: What shall I do after this year? Shall I return to faces (theme for September 2015)? Or only make lots of square paintings? I’d love to hear suggestions.



6 comments on “Five days to go. No four, no three!

  1. Sheila Marie Delgado
    August 28, 2016

    Pretty sure the answer will come to you. Looks like tangling is your sweet spot just now 🙂

    • corinnebekker
      August 29, 2016

      Thanks Sheila. Can I ask you a question about that expression you used, ‘the sweet spot’. I heard it before, but not quite sure what it means. I tried finding it on a translation site, but the translation didn’t seem to fit what you said.
      Is it like my ‘go-to technique’, or more that zentangle is something that fits me now. Or even that it delights me? Please help this non-native speaker…

  2. Jill Kuhn
    August 29, 2016

    Great tangles, Corinne!! ❤️

  3. grlie
    August 29, 2016

    I am always impressed with how people do zentangles. I never tried, so it looks impossible 🙂 I do like the compositions!

    • corinnebekker
      August 29, 2016

      Hi Lucy, thanks so much! It seems complex and in a way it is. If you break it up into steps, it isn’t so complex anymore. That’s how I learned. I’ve been practicing daily for over a month now. I just haven’t posted my babysteps into zentangle. ❤

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