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Wreck that painting!

August 23. A perfect day to wreck a painting. Or bring one back that’s already been wrecked a few days ago!

I finished two paintings today – totally different from each other. One is rather peaceful and mostly in blue. The other is busy and dark – and contains abstract flowers.

How are they connected? They seem so different? You can probably  understand better how it’s possible that I produced them both in the same sitting, if you see the other two that came in between- and are still in progress. (Or at least I thought so at the time.)


Long story. How did I end up with these four?

Number 1 seems a simple painting, in just blues. I made it after I wrecked another painting. I’ve been working with the square paintings – sometimes finishing the same day, but also sometimes layering and layering until they’re good to my eyes (or wrecked completely). The other day I made a painting in mostly oranges and pinks. New for me (the colors) and an experiment to keep the colors so close together. The day after I thought I’d add a little complementary colors here and there to spice it up. Oh my! I wrecked it. Ah well, I thought, there’s always another day…. So that’s why this time I made sure to keep it simple and NOT to add any other colors.

Number 2 was made with a more diverse color scheme – to balance things out on the day (as it were): one or two blues, plus bright aqua, a turquoise, purple, red (napthol crimson), raw umber (and colors mixed out of these). And I simply played with cloud shapes. I like these, they show up more often. In this painting I rather like the color scheme. The painting itself is rather simple. At the time I thought I’d add something later (some marks, a focal image?), but I may just leave it. This is all part of the process.

Number 3 actually is the wrecked painting covered up using the same colors as number 2. The original is no longer visible, it’s hidden under the top layer. I felt a bit stupid afterwards. So far I’ve been keeping everything I made during the year of daily creating. The original plan was to make something every day. I would keep it. I take the motto “there’s always another day” to mean I can always make a new painting that I like better. I don’t have to throw anything away. For the past three months (except during the holidays) I made more than one small painting each day . I started doing that around mid May. Still for a long time I wanted to keep both when I did two. Just to have a reference or archive to go back to at the end of the year. But now suddenly I covered this one up and turned it into a new painting. Ah well. No way back. Number 3 is now also work in progress.

Number 1. Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of the orange and pink painting. Anyway, what I did once, I can do again. So I made a similar painting, similar in approach as the one I covered – this time using mostly blue tints and shades. That’s how I ended up painting number 1. To not fall into the same trap as before (let’s add some other colors!), I had to practice constraint. No other colors. Take time to let it dry. It was OK to add some pencil on top – but with restraint, not much and only in similar colors.

Number four is layered as well. After painting and letting dry, I added oil pastels.



2 comments on “Wreck that painting!

  1. Sheila Marie Delgado
    August 26, 2016

    The blue is awesome, it would be a fabulous repeating pattern. Happy painting to you 🙂

    • corinnebekker
      August 26, 2016

      Thanks! I am trying more in this style. I’m inspired by Wendy Brightbills course Letting Go (on Jeanne Olivers ning site).

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