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Seven more days, more square paintings

Seven day summary post for July, number 2

Week 2 of July I started at least 15 square paintings. It was a week of color play, play with a color palette with a summer feel to it on the first painting. Then, making the second painting of the day of the remaining colors – which leads to all kinds of results (only darks, mostly mud and so on).

Process notes I found that the idea of finishing 100 paintings started to make me want to rush. In my country (the Netherlands, or Holland as some people like to call it) we have a saying: “Zij/hij ruikt de stal (al)”. Translated literally it goes: She/he can smell the stable already. Meaning: Knowing the stable is nearby, one will start to make more haste, walk or run faster. So that’s what’s happening…. On one day, July 12, I started several (5 or six), to finish only two for real. I also finished an  earlier painting – which I truly love (Your beautiful place). The approach of starting more than two paintings left me with several half finished paintings, though. As running too fast might leave you breathless. This is not a fruitful approach, it seems, because I’ve come to like being able to start fresh paintings. I will have to finish them some time before the end of July, I think. Ha ha. I will get there, when I get there, after all.

A new development is that I started adding more layers on some paintings, colored pencil and oil pastel and sometimes charcoal. I rather like the resulting paintings (of July 12 and 15). It seems that I need time for that to really look and think of what the painting needs. I do about one painting a week in this way.

July 8 Copying myself (a painting I did early in the series). A happy color palette, the painting ended up little more red, less bright aqua (on the top right part). Equally with the feeling of waves.Jul8_Copyingmyself_WIP 43

July 9 Two paintings, A secret garden and Flowers of sadness

Jul9_square_1 46

The painting “Flowers of sadness”, I showed earlier. I was so happy with the result, I wanted to post straight away. 🙂

July 10 Sunday. There was a birthday lunch with the three brothers (hubby , two brothers-in-law and the wives/life partners) and a meeting with my book club. Lots of sun, lots of lovely food. Long day. I managed to squeeze in some drawing by the end of the day, while listening / watching the football finale (European championship). I some drawing: flowers for Fairy tale assignment (fairy tale 2), based on a French fairy tale “Blondine, Bon Biche and Beau Minon”. I was completely knackered the next day. I forgot where I put the drawings. 😦

July 11 On the Monday I produced this painting (a curiously unfocused one , considering the word ‘Focus’ is underneath). By the way: this would get more layers on July 15 (my studio day), to turn it into a wonderful deep landscape painting.

Jul11_square_unfocused focus painting WIP 48

Same day, playing with the paint on a second painting: finding some deer. I mixed colors on the painting itself to get the darks for the deer.

Jul11_square_S painting WIP 47

July 12 I finished one painting in several sessions during the day, by adding layers of pencil over earlier layers of paint. It’s  the painting I showed earlier, “Your beautiful place”. My absolute favorite of the week. 🙂

Jul12_square_Your beautiful place (Shena)

I also started several paintings fresh, but only some look actually like they are finished – at least to my eyes. Here’s two .

“Variatie op S” (Variation on S), obviously (?) there’s an S hidden under it .  For this painting I used a color palette with a summer feel. Then I painted an abstract using the remaining paint.

Jul12_square_Variatie op S WIP

Number 2, more scratching and finding of flowers using the dark colors, bringing them out by adding contrasting color around them.

Jul12_square_abstract for Shena - Copy

The one above was painted in a rough and ready approach – using the rest of the paints – and doesn’t really feel finished. I may add some some pencil or oil pastel. What do you think… should I leave it, or not?

The Question marks. I’ll show two more paintings of July 12. I wanted to try painting with only blue tones, and ended up with these two , “Blues On Y” and “Blues on H”. This was really fun, it felt freeing to just fill the pages. I rather love the depth in the one on the right. You?

There’s also one that is really fun, but feels like it might improve from layering more. I will take that up soon.

July 13 A similar approach to the one of the day before, first a summery color palette, then an abstract using the remaining paint. It felt like completely random non-representational painting at the time. But the next day I recognized a figure in it. At first I thought I’d bring it out, but I won’t. It’s fine as is.

July 14 I  started two paintings. I’m showing you the first layer for a change. Under all paintings is a shape in copper, sometimes a letter. I had used up many letters of the alphabet, but not all. I had used the A (several times), C, F (Focus), H (several times), M (several times), P and Q, S and T (several times), and the  X, Y and Z (all several times). I decided that I needed to fill up the alphabet.

On these backgrounds  (I and J) paintings were made using purple, magenta and green.

I will show these later – I want to add to them. By now – at the time of writing this post – I have decided to take some of the paintings and add more to them, colored pencil (like the one from July 12), or either chalk or oil pastel.



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