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Seven days, twelve paintings

Seven day summary posts for July, number 1 – the first seven days of July.

I’m sharing the art work of July in ‘7 day summary posts’ instead of making a long post for the month.

Work on the series of 100 paintings I probably worked on my series of a 100 square paintings almost every day. Not every day I had the same energy, or the same success. At first I was goofing around a bit, playing with color and lines. And suddenly I arrived at something that made my heart beat a little faster: red, the color. This led me to try to paint a painting mostly in reds. The first try I couldn’t help but put in some other colors (“Trying to paint red”). In the second painting I succeeded in making an all red painting, by using other colors first and painting reds on top (“Red, red, red”). Success!

Process notes Something interesting happened actually this week. I experienced some interesting feelings and beliefs about painting and use of color. I experienced the inner critic at work in a new way. I bumped into beliefs on what is and what is not ‘a proper painting’ with regard to the use of color. This makes me smile actually. I tell myself: ‘These are my 100 paintings. I can make some that are great, some that are mediocre and some that are bad, can’t I? I can do whatever I please in this series. If I want a red painting, I can do that.’  But still the inner critic speaks, but in this new way: “An all red painting, huh? That’s silly. That’s not art.” No, it isn’t silly. It’s fun, it’s warm, it’s exciting, it’s exhilarating. And it’s just a painting, some paint on paper. Who cares that I paint a painting that’s all in reds? Anyway, interesting self talk. In fact several people told me they liked it. So the inner critic has one opinion, but it’s just one opinion. But I had to remind myself: she can worry about my paintings, but I do not have to be bothered with it. Thanks.

I think she needs a name, so I can address her and say, yes <name of inner critic> my love , thanks very much, but not now, please.

I don’t consider all paintings equally successful, but apparently I need some of those ‘play days’ (like the first two or three) to get to a painting which is meaningful to me (“Beware of the bulging red clouds” of July 6). And finally on July 7 I painted a happy tree.

July 1 Play with analogous colors and circles.

July 2 “Curious about the primaries” 1 and 2

July 3
A Sunday, no painting for the series. I made a collage.

July 4  “Trying to paint red”Ju4_square_trying to paint red 37

“Red, red, red”.

Ju4_square_all red, all red 38

July 5 “M is for Mistakes” Long story. I usually cut a strip of paper of, that will leave me a square of 27×27 cm. Now I decided not to, and just mark off the square. I tried to paint on the square and ended up painting 27×27 cm instead of the usual 20×20.

I started out with a similar set of colors as the days before. Looking at my paper I decided that -instead of all the reds of earlier days- I wanted to paint lots of yellows and oranges and browns (first painting).

Jul5_square2_M is for Mistakes 37

Floral abstract, 27×27 cm on watercolor paper


The second painting “Moving (the) muse” ended up having all the remaining darker colors. I ended up thinking about color as a muse – and I saw a face in the paint – so I tried to bring her out. All of this was done using my fingers and back of brush only. The day was over, I had two paintings – one abstract floral painting and the walking muse, of “moving (the) muse” (I was moving between the yellows and the reds this week).

Jul5_moving (the) muse 38

July 6 You already know the next one, “Beware of the bulging red clouds”, posted as well on July 6.

and it’s accompanying simple flower painting:

Jul6_square_T's flowers, flowers of loss 39

July 7. I painted a tree. After 6 days of playing with yellow and red I worked using more colors again. Probably yellow-green, cerulean blue, magenta (of sorts), some yellow and orange and purple. The browns are a mix.

Jul7_square_Thinking of you two again

Somewhere during these days I also made a silly landscape painting. This brings the count for the first seven days of July on 12 paintings and a collage.


2 comments on “Seven days, twelve paintings

  1. Sheila Marie Delgado
    July 27, 2016

    July 1 and the floral abstract are very interesting… wonderful work all around!

    • corinnebekker
      July 27, 2016

      Thanks Sheila, so nice to hear your thoughts. I didn’t think much of July 1 work – just a phase. Cool that you find it interesting. Makes me happy.

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