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40 June paintings and some drawings

I promised long ago to share the June pieces. As I wasn’t very lucky – health wise – with a painful shoulder I left it for a while. But I don’t want to leave it indefinitely. So I am collecting all June pieces here. Most days I worked on the series of squares. On other days, especially in early June, I went between acrylic painting and other media. There seem to be a few days missing, but I am finding them as I go. I have been keeping track rather loosely – most of the acrylic paintings were scanned. Not so the drawings done at home, away from home, all in different sketchbooks ;-). So there may be some I haven’t found, will add them later when I do find them.

June 1 or 2 : I drew Barbara the crocodile on her sofa. This was done on top of a palette card I used for painting with gouache.

Jun2_blob_Croc and birds

June 2nd I drew the flowers on my table in my sketchbook, some peonies and lilies. I made three drawings like this one:

Jun2_drawing lily and peony #2 crop

June 3 I worked in the studio on my flower paintings. This is one of them in progress, before I covered up most of the large flowers bottom left. The painting seemed unbalanced with them in it… It was a day for killing my darlings… 🙂

Jun3_mid of day_before covering flower and table top

June 4 (no photos/ no record )

On June 5 and June 15 I continued on several flower paintings in the studio. Here’s the one above, but further down the line. Work in progress.

I also started new canvases partly by covering up old paintings like the first one ( left, below), worked on others like the one on the right (it’s almost there) :


June 6 Watercolor inspired by Paul Klees grid paintings (I need to make a photo showing the full square).

jun6_klee inspired painting

June 7 Started three square paintings, finished two.

June 8 I finished the third tree painting  (In my secret garden) and painting a forest (Forest and leaf).

June 9 Started abstract but ended up making some illustrations again; called ‘Birds of a feather’ and ‘Tree and bunny’ (not my best day, I think).

June 10 I sketched trees and leafs in a sketchbook; back to assignments of Diane Culhane from “For the love of a tree”, but with a twist: I used my Inktense pencils.

Abstract painting. This is one I rather like.

jun10_abstract_luscious color sideways

June 11 (probably) I painted three squares in happy summery colors: bright aqua, primary yellow, Naples yellow,  a red, yellow-green, a dark green , Phtalocyanine blue, bright violet and an earth color (raw sienna or red oxide). On one (bottom left, below) I only used bright violet, bright aqua, red and phtalo blue and white. I love that color palette.My favorite is bottom right (below).

June 12 I was on a day out, meeting friends at a conference centre where musicians meet. There was lots of music, especially singing, around us. We chatted, heard some lectures, had an opportunity to experience some Chinese massage – which I jumped at as I had a sore shoulder. (Little did I know that massage was not going to help out much…)

I drew flowers on one of the counters, just some quick drawings.

June 13  I was happy that I had already painted 20 square paintings. I laid them out on my floor and made photographs. Here’s one of the last four of the square paintings – the ones I really loved. (For some more, scroll down)

Jun13_squares_most recent four

June 14 Paper study of Matisse painting “Nature morte aux grenades” (Still life with pomegranates), original painted in 1947.

jun14_collagestudy Matisse grenades_Art heist

June 15  Paper study of a Matisse painting “Interieur Rouge, nature morte sur un table blue”, also of 1947 (in English: “Red Interior, Still life on a blue table” ).

Jun15_paper study_Matisse, Red interior ...1947

June 16 Three square paintings.

June 17 Three square paintings.

June 18 Two square paintings. The one on the left is called “Four mountains”, the one on the right “Of waves and giant monsters”. I rather like that one, it seems to be on a different track from the others, but more like this were to come.

June 19 I started studying neutrals and greys, mixing on the paintings. (

June 20 Two square paintings I rather like. One is called “Invite the grey, accept the mess”. It’s a bit like the painting “Of waves and giant monsters”.

Jun20_square 1_Invite the grey and accept the mess

The other is called “Skidding skidding toward the dark”

Jun20_square 2_Skidding skidding toward the dark

June 21  I painted two squares- and made them illustrations of two fairy tales, Red Hood and The Frog Princess, as they would be in the lessons of Fairy Tale Summer.

June  22 Two paintings. The second one (below, right) is called “Do we really need to compartmentalize?”.

I need to explain that. I was listening to podcasts about the creative process on Niya Christines ‘Crave, Cultivate, Create’ website. As Niya was doing her interview, and she talked about art and other work and private life, some of that pushed itself into the second painting. There is a line through the middle, symbolizing the barrier between different elements of our lives. By the way, I recommend looking her up online. She has a new book upcoming – “Seducing the Muse -Getting Unstuck with a creative love affair” * – which is wonderful. I’m reading the free kindle version right now (it’s free for only a week). Follow the link and you’ll be able to read a sample, or get the Kindle version.

Jun22_square_ Jun22_square_Do we really...

I also drew a lot of women’s faces that day, part of the assignment for the first fairy tale of Fairy tale summer.

June 23 A tree day.

It was a day filled with art and creation for me. In the afternoon I visited my artist friend Isabelle Zumbrink in her studio, and joined the workshop “Cut up –  Collage”. We made collages with words and images.

June 24 A fruitful day with four paintings (three trees, an abstract landscape) and a  white out painting that didn’t feel finished ( the beginnings of a dinosaur).


June 25 Two new squares. This one below I love very much.

I finished the dinosaur. This took quite a bit of layering, adding Inktense pencil, charcoal and watercolor.

Jun25_square_colored dino

I also started making Artist Trading Cards. (Every painting leaves me with a strip of watercolor paper – I use them to put leftover paints on. I cut the ATC’s from those strips.)

June 26 I drew a messy table top – an assignment in Y is for Yellow – and  two red trees. There was also an abstract red painting I didn’t consider finished (no scan as yet). I enjoyed making these red paintings and making up titles for them: “Echo of a blue, blue sky” ( red painting, top right ), “A tree doesn’t need tv” (bottom right).  The abstract also had a working title “Dream of a red sky”.

By the way, I was thinking of Mondriaan when painting the red trees. I remember seeing his tree paintings in the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague, a series of paintings that show him moving from representational paintings of a tree towards more and more abstract ones. I especially love his painting in red and blue. It’s like it’s on fire. Mine are not like that painting obviously. I was just reminded of his work, when I moved towards geometric shapes on a red tree painting.

The third painting that day was more minimal, ‘Memory of a red sky’. 🙂

Jun26_square3_Memory of a red sky

June 27 These two below feel like works in progress, but I went on the next day to a different color palette. So this is probably how they stay (unless I get the itch to finish them some time soon). Abstract and a painting inspired by the fairy tale of ‘The Frog Princess’, a fairy tale that is part of Carla Sonheims Fairy tale Summer course.

June 28 Three square paintings with some wonderful darks.

First, “Dipping into the dark side”:

Jun28_dipping into the dark side_noborder

Second, “Invitation to red”:

Jun28_invitation to red_NB

Invitation to red, 20 x20 cm on Fabriano watercolor paper

Jun28_square3_bubbles in the red_NB


June 29 I remember painting “Marks on Magenta” (WIP) and some blue paintings this month too.

June 30 I went to the studio and made painted papers using the gelli plate. And played with Inktense blocks.

By the end of June I arrived at the 50 paintings mark. In fact i painted 40 of them in June! To celebrate that 50 paintings mark, I made pictures of ‘the next 30’ in the studio, similar to the photos I did for the first twenty. Here’s just one. It’s not showing all , but I rather like it. Pleasing to my eyes, showing several color palettes (orange/red, purple/blue,blue/green). It looks like I was moving close to monochrome paintings fora while.

June 30_30squarepaintings_cropped

Some of the next 30 paintings


20 square paintings

The first twenty square paintings, photograph of  June 13 .

Six abstracts from the first twenty, trying out different colors , lights and darks. Numbers 1 – 4, 9 and 11.

I wanted to share more photos, but this post is already far too long.

I need to get some distance between me and the paintings – and then I can hopefully decide which ones are ‘good enough’ to put on show.

Wishing you a lovely day! So long!


3 comments on “40 June paintings and some drawings

  1. memadtwo
    July 19, 2016

    Wonderful work! And you are so productive! (K)

    • corinnebekker
      July 20, 2016

      Thank you, Kerfe. Yes, I will need to find space to leave all those paintings, places to show a selection. That kind of thing.

  2. Sheila Marie Delgado
    July 25, 2016

    Great stuff! WOW!

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