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Drawing from the Masters!

2014-11-18 21.23.41 Corinne meets van Dongen

Acrylic on paper (50x60cm), inspired by a painting by Dutch artist Cees van Dongen

The theme for June will be: “Drawing from the Masters”

I have been thinking about a new theme over the past weeks. I had several options, but there was one that really stood out. I have been hoping to do a month taking examples of the masters (master artists) and studying them; learning by copying, as it were. Like I did in the painting above – made during a live painting class with Mieke Siemons a while ago, after a painting by the Dutch artist Cees van Dongen.

‘Drawing from’ may involve both drawing ánd painting:

  • looking really well at drawings by master artists and copying them; even using tracing paper, but also using other methods for copying; to learn about their drawing techniques;
  • drawing after drawings and paintings and other art work but taking it more freely; making new drawings inspired by the master drawings;
  • similarly for paintings: painting after a painting of a master – to do it much like they did, using the same medium, or taking it more freely, giving it a little twist;

On all accounts – whether I will be drawing or painting – this will involve looking really well, think about the ‘why’ they painted like they did; thinking about their life’s story and how it affected their work.

I will be inspired partly by classes on the masters, especially the new online class “ART HEIST”, taught by Krista Peel. I took a class from Krista Peel a couple of years ago, and it was very inspiring and great fun. We will be acting like Austin Kleon says : steal from famous artists. I also enrolled earlier in classes on Jeanne Oliver’s forum (Studying under the Masters) and would love to work through some of that material.

So, that’s what I will do most in June – studying the masters. Still, I’ve found I need some freedom to do other things. First, I need some time to look back on what I’ve been doing these first nine months, perhaps frame some work and finish some unfinished pieces of the last month. I will also take a break from posting until June 8. I may put some of the remaining May work in one post after that.

Then when I start again with the daily art, I will divide my time between master copying and other work. I will keep doing abstracts for a while (because I’m not ready with them), and do some of the work for the (year long) classes I’m in. So you will probably see some of the course work from the alphabet class (as  Carla Sonheims “Y is for Yellow” is sometimes called) and also from the Big and Juicy watercolor class with Fred Lisaius (hosted by Carla Sonheim) and from other lessons. In fact the work for Carla’s Alphabet class fits nicely as the lesson that’s currently live is about drawing inspired by Käthe Kollwitz and creating a painting inspired by Paul Klee. What else? We’ll see.

Meanwhile we feel the summer is here. We have warmer weather, new flowers I planted in the garden are growing rapidly. We’ve had the opportunity to eat outside and we’ve also had summer storms. How’s life where you are?

See you soon!


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