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Theme for April: Spring!

For the month of April I chose the theme: Spring!

I am hoping to go out more and draw outside (or even paint outside if I do feel better and feel like it). But given that I have been ill – and even though I’m almost fully recovered – still some days don’t allow much art time. So I want to allow myself some leeway to just draw and paint simple stuff at home.

Some thoughts about Spring, what does it bring up for me.

Where I live, The Netherlands, spring can have really lovely weather, but it also has awful rainy days, with blustery winds and storm. Anything goes as painting the element of weather is concerned. 🙂

Spring for me is about the return of leaves on the trees, and about the flowers of spring : first little ones like the little blue flowers that come up as one of the first in my garden (for which I don’t know the name right now) and the crocus and also about the obvious ones: the daffodil and the tulip.

On my walks I see many daffodils, but also small wild flowers for which I do not always know an English name. Like the ‘speenkruid’, with tiny yellow flowers.

I’ll be drawing flowers in pen and pencil – and sometimes I’ll add watercolor. Drawing birds both from bird photos and from life (when I can). Sometimes I will do classic drawing exercises, like the negative space drawing below. I just sat on the couch and drew my vase of tulips.



The first time I forgot that I planned to do a negative space drawing, and ended up with a (hasty) contour drawing (above).

Spring is also about birds starting to make nests. Given that most shrubs are still without leaves, I can still see them easily are they are jumping and flying around the garden. There’s many kinds, but for me it’s about the blue tit and other birds like them (Dutch: koolmees , pimpelmees), the red robin, the black bird. But also about the birds that prey on their eggs and come closer to our home and garden than during winter: the magpie and the jay (Dutch: Vlaamse gaai).

My choice for the theme is partly to be on the safe side. I have been ill and still not feel quite myself. I don’t know how fast I can return to paint really big. It doesn’t feel like I can yet. I am really longing to go back to my large flower paintings. Or to paint abstracts. But there’s time. We’ll see. I am slowly getting better. My eyes are getting better too. So soon I will be able to do everything  painterly. But for now I choose to be a little patient. If I do feel a lot better, I could always paint big flowers again. Big spring flowers. J

Besides working on the theme of Spring, I will be working on another series of sorts this month and the next. I want to create a series about one subject or set of related subjects. I planned to work on a series from April 1 anyway. We are doing series in the Y is for Yellow class. I am allowing some days to be just about that. I don’t want to share much about it yet, just that it has to do with birds and feathers. They will probably contain both watercolor and line drawing.

I’ve been practicing  continuous line drawing too.


Looking back on March

So far I’ve given you an overview after finishing a month and show pics of all the work. I’m not really up to it right now, to start scanning and uploading everything. I’ll try and think of  something to show some of the work of March anyway. I will get back to that soon.

Mid March was a bit of a roller coaster health wise. I missed one ‘daily creating’ day because I had to go to hospital. Since then I’ve been getting better. The two last weeks of March I improvised – moving with what my health allowed. At first I couldn’t do much more than use ten to fifteen minutes to play, but I couldn’t see well enough to really draw well. After two weeks, my eye sight is almost normal, my energy is returning. I can finally start planning again.

Meanwhile I’ve been doing art things. I have been making watercolor backgrounds, drawings and sketches, flower paintings in watercolor and also: several sketchbooks. More about that later.


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