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Let color & light return!

Process notes. I have to tell you that the theme, Dark en Light, has given me a hard time  last week. I haven’t stopped doing daily creating (don’t worry!). But I have been doing many pieces that were mostly black and white and grey tones. As if the month with the reducing light isn’t bad enough, I make myself do art using hardly any color! Yes I want to push myself a little, but no need to get totally miserable is there? At first I kept at it , doing mostly black and white pieces, adding tiny bits of color here and there, and those tiny specks I really enjoyed. For instance I painted a sketch portrait of a singer with lots of grey and only used the color blue in her eyes. I thought it might draw more attention. And it did.  Some viewers of the piece noticed! But I think it has lasted long enough. And after all, showing  the longing for light and color by using color, is as good a way to respond to my theme as any. So I  AM going to use more color for the rest of the month.

It’s day 111 of a Year of Daily Creating. For now I’m going to show you just a tiny bit of the art work from the last days, with a focus on looking back on 2015. This is always something to do during the months of December and beginning of January. This year it was also the subject of Carla Sonheims last lesson in Year of the Spark, in which we all make a Happiness Collage Painting, using images from our art work of 2015.

Day 106 / December 15 Happiness Collage Painting in progress:

On December 15 (day 106)  I started on this painting. There’s the flying girl (a focal image from a lesson in Life Book 2015), some details from a lesson from Carla Sonheim from Flower Crazy, but mostly my own pieces from when I was experimenting with watercolor and other media in the Spring.

It wasn’t easy to choose what to put in the piece. I have scans from lots of my art work, but no printer at present. So on Monday I spent an hour in the library with a stack of art work from this year, copying and reducing in size until I thought I would have enough to choose from. I ended up having loads of pictures. (So there will probably  be more than one painting, if time permits.)

I cut images I liked and started moving them around on this wood panel and a canvas. The pics above also show the result after several days of adding layers of gesso and other media. Then I felt it needed a rest. I will get back to it in a few days, to finish it. It needs a horizon and some extra details, I think.  What do you think? It’s nearly there, isn’t it? What does it need?

PS I will show some other pieces later this week.


6 comments on “Let color & light return!

  1. memadtwo
    December 20, 2015

    I really love this and enjoy seeing the progression. Thanks for sharing it. N.

    • corinnebekker
      December 20, 2015

      Thanks so much for your comment. And so quick! 🙂

  2. creepercraft22
    December 21, 2015

    You are a really good artist.

  3. DrawingConnections
    December 21, 2015

    I agree. Looks like a lovely process to do.

    • corinnebekker
      December 21, 2015

      Thanks. Yes, it is very nice! We can rely on Carla Sonheim to invent a nice way to go over what we’ve done during the year.

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