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End of month two already! What’s next?

 What’s next?  Let me start first with the theme for next month. I have pondered several themes for the next month, but simply couldn’t choose. I decided to choose what to do only for the first two weeks; and even that rather loosely. We’ll see what happens after that. I am really certain that this month I will be blogging less. I will not post results every day, probably summarize once or twice a week.


For the first two weeks I will focus mainly on the Sketchbook class.


I am following Cat’s sketchbook class now which continues for two more weeks and I want to take full advantage of it.  In the sketchbook class we will be

– drawing from life and drawing from imagination;

– drawing from within, from ‘our own art history’.

I want to find out whether I cán draw from imagination. I seem to be more a realistic drawing person, drawing more easily from life and references than from imagination. I may also just go back a few steps in the sketchbook class and paint pattern and marks. We’ll see what happens after that.

All of this has something to do with the lessons learned in the last month.

TAKING STOCK of the results MONTH 2 of Daily Art Making:

Critter detail

Numbers, Numbers, numbers!

or: What subjects , techniques and media did I use? On how many of the 31 days?

Subject matter: Flowers (16 days if I include abstract flowers), Birds (10 days), other Flying Critters, especially dragonflies and bees (7); Abstracts (7 days; abstract patterns , mark making, and abstract rocks); Other things (hands, 2), an angel, faces.

Techniques: Painting in watercolor (10), acrylic and mixed media (8), oil paint (2). Drawing >25.

Media: Watercolor (>10), Acrylic paint and acrylic ink, pencil, pen, Stabilo pencil, colored pencil, paint pen, washi tape (2), collage (2), oil paint (2).

Substrate: Large canvas (1), canvas board (4), aquaboard (2), watercolor paper (many, many kinds: Arches, Fabriano, Moleskine journal, Strathmore journal), and sketchbooks (Canson black book thin paper, Canson MM sketchbook 9×12 (rings), printing paper, (altered) book paper.

You’ll notice that the numbers in these lists don’t add up to 31. Often I did more than one thing in a day, which explains the numbers adding up to higher numbers than there are days in October (31 ).

OK, that was boring for some. Good for me though. Thanks for indulging me. ❤

Now for the good bits, the art work:

How did it affect me?

I made many pieces. Drew a lot. But still I had to count the pieces and look at them to really feel that I achieved quite a bit this month.

I absolutely love the teaching approach of Cat Bennett. She is such a gentle person , she is wonderfully clear on the philosophy of making art a practice (using yoga ideas and a kind of mindfulness), a wonderful example on how to make art, how to make it light, fun and pleasurable and a social thing too; and showing us how to be gentle with oneself too.

I felt a bit awkward from time to time, because I was taking on a lot. Doing the daily art, plus preparing for a workshop I was teaching end of the month, plus taking lessons myself. The one that can’t be postponed, the real life lesson in oil painting.

I felt a little nervous about the workshop, so did my preparation very good, took a while to get it well done. I was taking the Sketchbook class, interesting lessons and loved to do the assignments, but perhaps (secretly) I felt that wasn’t doing good enough. (Argh, the inner critic has taken on a new shape.)

What was fun, what did I love? What did I love in the process?

Playing with acrylic ink and paint. A5.

* the abstract piece above: I ended up looking really well and found out so much about the painting that I liked and hadn’t seen when it was just finished (the moon; the rough edges)

* the rough ink stuff on top of pattern (day 36);

* ink faces;

* Stabilo all pencil;

* dragonflies of day 56 and day 57;

* the sunflowers (day 32 and day 33)

* the word play painting on book pages – such as the lady saying ‘La la la!’ in september – or the flowers of day 31 and day 37 – the other characters that surfaced during that class;

* drawing hands (also at the end of the month, day 57)

2015-10-22 16.33.41

What did I love from the art making process?

* watercolor splashes – they make me so happy!

* ink –how the brush flowed on the page

* the good watercolor brushes (Cosmotop nr 20 ánd the sable brush nr 8)

mixed media journal, Payne's grey india ink

Payne’s grey india ink

What am I grateful for?

Being able to do this

Having such wonderful art friends

Being able to share art with relatives and friends living nearby

The lessons from Cat (see above).

2015-10-30 10.38.06

Colored pencil , three colors

What did I learn last month?

I learned:

* Making contour drawings using two or three colors of colored pencil – like the drawing of a portrait above.  I learned this in a lesson in Cat Bennetts class – I LOVE THAT a lot!

* That I am a perfectionist and may have to live with it, that it crops up every now and again; I can just allow myself to see it and then try to let go of it.

*That energy and creative inspiration comes in waves ; a kind of ebb and flow ; and that I have to accept it; well, that’s not new, it’s just been brought back to me in a clearer way than before; plus I am reminded of the time I used to do modern dance, growing also went in waves;

*That I love watercolors; and that a month for one subject is sometimes not enough; I would love to finish a series of watercolor flowers that I have going (but the month is over…which makes me sad); so why not fit some in next month (I am the boss, aren’t I?).

* I loved doing a lot of drawing and I loved teaching drawing (again). I really like teaching, even though I do get nervous about it beforehand, but I love it the moment I start the workshop or the lesson.


4 comments on “End of month two already! What’s next?

  1. Jill Kuhn
    November 3, 2015

    Very Impressive, Corinne! Amazing art you are creating!!! 😊🎨💜 Enjoyed reading what you have learned. I’m really enjoying Cat’s class too! 😊

  2. smurphy4
    November 11, 2015

    Love reading your notes, ideas, and summaries! The acrylic ink and paint pieces and the watercolor paintings really caught my eye this month. Keep going!!!

    • corinnebekker
      November 11, 2015

      Thanks Susan for stopping by and commenting. I will definitely keep going!

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