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Day 58 and 59 Floral motifs and abstracts

Edit jan 2016: I added the floral abstract below to the 30 Paintings in 30 days Challenge for January 2016 – hosted by Leslie Saeta.

Oct29_sketchbook painting_floral_turned

acrylic paint, 9 x 12 inch mixed media paper

Day 58 (October 27th). Little time before my yogalates class (mix of yoga and Pilates). I chose to paint on a small paper with acrylic ink, didn’t get very far. Later that day I added a layer of acrylic paint and more ink (drawing with the ink dropper; scratching the ink and dabbing with a paper towel). I could have added stems to make some of the marks into flowers, but I like to leave it this way. This is the way it is some days. A bit rough and haphazard.

What I like is the way the white dots seem to be shining lights from within the scene and from the back. One spot looks like a full moon to me – perhaps because it was a full moon earlier this week.(!) That would make this a night scene with funny creatures in the mist. The moon light is shining in two places, perhaps because there are clouds, the light at the top is shining out from behind the clouds. Cool. I’m glad I didn’t move on with this one.I wouldn’t have seen this.

Playing with acrylic ink and paint. A5.

Day 58 Playing with acrylic ink and paint. A5.

Day 59. In fact I started this piece on the evening of Day 58 putting down watercolor, pencil and collage paper and some paint marks. I was looking at a lesson from Lifebook 2015 – by Roben-Marie Smith – showing a way to do a lot of layering to get and interesting background. I was about a third (!) underway at the end, just working along with her. On day 59 I decided to take the background to work on as my daily art piece. Suddenly the idea of flowers kicked in and I changed course, took it in my own direction. (Roben-Marie leaves it rather abstract with lots of marks and adds a kind of envelope. I didn’t feel like going on like that. I have pushed the marks all back.)

I wasn’t very happy with it when I stopped, though it’s a happy image. It feels unbalanced and could do with more layering. But let’s not linger on what I don’t like. I learned from Cat Bennett that it is wise to look well at your work and remark on what you like. So I am practicing that now. I find that this is really good to do that. I learn a lot from it. From remembering what I was doing, to what the effect of it is on how the image looks. And how the painting affects me. I love that there is a lot of texture, if you want to look closer, you’ll find an extra layer in the painting.

What I like is the bright yellow and red, the blue and green, from the Golden paints. I decided to pull these from their crate – and totally happy I did. I mixed orange from the yellow and red, and what a difference in vibrancy (probably there’s other flat paint in that flower.). The red and yellow flowers were painted with white paint first, which explains the brightness of the color on top.

Mixed media paper, collage, gesso, acrylic ink and paint, watercolor pencil.

Day 59 Mixed media paper, colored pencil, watercolor, collage, gesso, acrylic ink and paint, watercolor pencil.

While doing this I had another page lying around and some small cards on which to add paint. This led me to some interestingly marked cards and a nice abstract page. Do tell which kind of page you like best!

Play with acrylic paint, mixed media journal.

Play with Golden acrylic paint, mixed media journal.

Oct29_painting_cards#1 2 3 _crop

Card stock cards, watercolor, pencil, acrylic paint and gesso.

For some reason I like these cards the best. I felt free to try anything and found an interesting color combination.I would never have thought to put this on a page, if I was planning it.Probably the fact that there’s watercolor, different types of acrylic, script, stamping and stencil work, makes it more interesting, too. Cool, isn’t it?


7 comments on “Day 58 and 59 Floral motifs and abstracts

  1. Jill Kuhn
    October 30, 2015

    I like your colorful experiments, Corinne! 🌺💜🎨

  2. Janetteartandwords
    October 31, 2015

    All of your artworks look lovely!

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  4. Rose
    January 17, 2016

    I love your color experiments!
    I have so much loosening up to do and just ‘playing’ with drawing and colors.
    I don’t think we will be able to break free and out of the box, unless we do just this.
    Maybe Julie J.s class has started me down this path.
    And finding people like you who are experimenting with it!

    I am so curious with your use of watercolor and gesso.
    (I see some of those classes teach that on Carlas page–)
    My understanding was you cannot paint over gesso with watercolor….
    Well when I take my class I will find out!
    I am doing two year long online classes this year and I am having trouble fitting those into my schedule. LOL.

    (I am trying to not comment on everything! Really.)

    • corinnebekker
      January 17, 2016

      Hi Rose, you’re right watercolor works best on a surface that can hold water – if you use classic watercolor techniques like washes, wet into wet etcetera. It’s not easy to paint watercolor on gesso , you can’t do those classic things- but you can try a kind of trick to make really wonderful texture with gesso and ‘let the watercolor drop into the cracks’. Indeed – a technique taught by Carla Sonheim. She taught variations both in her year long class (Spark, last year), but also in short, not so expensive classes as ‘junk mail artist books’ (or something like that) and ‘imaginary creatures’.
      In these pages I sometimes use that trick (on the cow-goat for instance), but not always.

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