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Day 50 Ebb and flow of creativity

Oct 20_Flower crazy #1_crop

Today on the 50th day of daily creating I made a simple piece. As for the theme, I am a bit tired of it. I have to get creative in finding new ways of making something. I feel not interested in ‘critters’ per se. Flying critters sounds like creepy crawlies to me. Even if I remind myself that anything goes, as long as it flies, doesn’t help much. I could say to myself: ‘Start drawing butterflies and bees and wasps and what not…’. I may just do that by the end of the month.

Right now I would like to have fun. I am in desperate need of some fun! I wrote some morning pages and wrote on and on about feeling tired. Sitting with that feeling, I knew I just have to accept the ebb and flow of creativity and energy. This may be a day to just play and stumble around not know exactly what to do. So I picked a simple method, to enjoy some markers and pencils, and layered flowers on top of one another. To be honest, I didnt think of this myself. We did this also in the Flower Crazy Mini course with Carla Sonheim. I decided that now was a good time to dive into that source of inspiration again.

I don’t know what I will do for the next few days. I may just follow that path and do more Flower Crazy lessons, or just see what I’ll do, what comes to me. Carla Sonheims “Flower Crazy” lessons might help me to try more whimsical, or imaginary flowers. Some of the Sketchbook lessons seem to fit in the theme too. We’re supposed to draw and paint ‘natural things’ for week 2. I can do more of that. (My body says: Nah.)

I wonder, reader, are you tired of flowers and critters? I am considering going to writing about the daily creating two or three times a week. Though I still feel that writing and going public, helps me to keep going. I am on the fence, as it were. I’m also thinking of creating some repeating subject matter- like photos – to make the topics of the blog more diverse. Let me know what you think, please!

Back to this Year of Daily Creating thing, a few remarks on process. How am I doing? The thing is I tire of this ‘flower and critter’ theme, especially as I wasn’t drawn to it, but chose it in a more or less ‘rational’ way. I thought: ‘I like flowers, but perhaps it’s not enough. Let’s make the theme a little wider. I have done flying critters. Sounds good.” Voila, there was the theme. All the while during September, there was a feeling of ‘saying goodbye to summer’, that I might have chosen for this month. I’ve pushed it away, not to get to nostalgic, or sad. Ha! For some reason, that feeling is really strong right now. Saying goodbye. I remembered this week that it’s a year ago that a colleague died. I remembered other friends who died, as it was their birthday, but they’re not here anymore. So it’s a day with a little sad touch.
Meanwhile I’m quite busy drawing other things than flowers. I am preparing a drawing class, which I will give next Sunday. It’s part of a weekend of lectures and workshops. I am so looking forward to seeing friends, hearing about their life and doing all these fun things. I’ve planned to take a painting class, listen to some lectures, and have a hot stone massage. And then there’s my own class. (Yeah! I’m excited. It’s both fun and scary at the same time.) The weather will be OK, taking fall into account. It’s supposed to be mild, mostly sunny. And we’re in the woods. So great chance for taking a walk too.

Anyway, if I manage to scan some other drawings, I will show those too. For one, here’s a drawing of two birds dancing on the water, from the Spring issue of the magazine of Natuurmonumenten, a nature conservation organisation in the Netherlands. 🙂

After a photo reference. Spring issue of magazine of Natuurmonumenten.

After a photo reference. Spring issue of magazine of Natuurmonumenten.

I just realized. This is day 50! And I am sitting here in the gloom of the Fall day!  Uh oh. I should be celebrating! So I will. Yes! I will at least have a nice glass of wine tonight. I may also draw that glass. 🙂


2 comments on “Day 50 Ebb and flow of creativity

  1. Jill Kuhn
    October 22, 2015

    You are doing FABULOUS my friend! And I like your flower colors and patterns! I like to include photos in my blog as it changes things up a bit. And remember this is supposed to be FUN! So maybe change things up a bit. You don’t HAVE to DO anything. And taking a break is OK too. 😊 hope your class goes well! 🎨😄🌈

    • corinnebekker
      October 22, 2015

      Thanks Jill. Kind as always. Photos is definitely an idea. Thanks for being your cheerful you. 🙂

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