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Day 48 Abstracts, practicing washes and trying out watercolor papers

I felt a sudden urge to paint abstract shapes in red yellow and blue on different kinds or paper. Trying out what compositions would work, was one of the reasons. Here’s one:

Watercolor in Strathmore 300 grams paper.

Watercolor in Strathmore visual journal, 300 grams paper.

I also wanted to try out different kinds of watercolor paper. Loose pieces of 200 grams Fabriano, a page in Strathmore visual journal (300grams paper) and Moleskine journal (I don’t know the exact wieght; it feels like 250 grams, between the other two).

It’s a chance to practice the beaded wash, a technique to fill (a part of) the page with one color. A technique that allows to make a neat even paint coat with little or no lines or stripes when done well. Not so hard when there’s nothing else on the page. It is hard when there are so many shapes.  Here it is done with blue. It wasn’t easy painting around these shapes while keeping the paint wet and moving.

When I was doing the third I felt I just had to move more freely to keep the paint moving. I thought, OK let’s use a large brush, fill it up, no fussing if the blue color goes on top of the other two, the only task is to keep the paint moving. Letting goof possible accidents. I was using a really large brush, a number 20. Move move move. Wow, that felt cool being able to let go.

Evaluation of paper

I can already hear some questions from some of my friends – “And… which paper do you like best, which journal?” Well, I’ll have to use them more often to be able to tell for sure. For now: the heavier, the more water it can take without warping, so as far as working with watercolor or other wet media is concerned, and price was no issue, I’d prefer the Strathmore paper. There is such a thing as : how does the brush move on the paper? From that perspective I prefer the other two. Fabriano is less expensive, comes in larger sheets which I can cut in any shape I want. It is more versatile in that sense. It’s easier to use on my small desk, as it’s just the paper (not the whole journal, the whole spread to work with). The journals are fun to look at, you keep all your stuff together, so later on it’s fun to leaf through, but the rings are in the way of my hand sometimes (Strathmore) and the landscape journal (Moleskine) takes a lot of space on my small desk; it’s less practical. I’ll work with them some more, and then I’ll decide what is my favorite pick. For now, you have some idea to decide for yourself whether to try these.


2 comments on “Day 48 Abstracts, practicing washes and trying out watercolor papers

  1. Rose
    January 17, 2016

    I think I like Strathmore better too between that and Fabriano.
    (I never got a Moleskine because I heard they did not do well with watercolor…)
    I have some Arches set away for when I am better one day!

    • corinnebekker
      January 17, 2016

      I’m not sure about Strathmore – too smooth for me, but that’s perhaps because I’m used to textured paper.
      I have a Moleskine – with watercolor paper – and it’s wonderful.

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