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Day 36 and 37 Playing with watercolor and ink and altered book stuff

Day 36 started reasonably well. But with a woozy head. Started doing just some watercolor pattern on some papers. And threw some ink at it. Really a silly page. But silly in a good sense: just a bit of fun, nothing fancy. I used the ink dropper to drawn, so there were splotches of ink. Ilike splotches of ink. Yes, really! But they take ages to dry… so I threw an empty page on top and pressed. Another silly result. 🙂 But as it is one of those days, I just accepted it. I may add gesso on another day (to edit). I didn’t have much energy – so went back to bed. I’ll leave it for the time being.

What do you think?

Pattern plus ink dropper drawing.

Pattern plus ink dropper drawing.

Print coming of the surplus ink on the painting

Print coming of the surplus ink on the painting

At night I decided to put to use some of the old books I have been using for the “Word Play Painting” class with Lynn Whipple. So many pages still free. Not a problem if I mess it up. Just the right place to draw in for a girl with a woozy head. This led me to a drawing. Which I added paint to on day 37:

Oct6_sunflower nw layer

The sunflowers. After putting on two layers of watercolor.

The altered book page is a bit flimsy, O.K. for just reading, but not to put wet media on it. Putting on the gesso helps to make it a bit stronger. But as the gesso is not all over the page, I need to be careful putting on the watercolor. It bleeds to the next page. It sinks in. Ah well.

Here you can see how  it looked first:

Oct6_WP_sunflower spread

Drawing of sunflower heads in altered book. First layers of stabilo all pencil, Neocolor crayons and gesso.

It’s fun to look for the possibility of an image in my random colored marks, like I did here. The image grew bit by bit. I decide on trying to draw the sunflower(s). And at the end I thought a critter would be nice too. Hence the ladybug.

Note: I am being positive about it now, now I am writing. But sometimes I get a feeling I should do better than this. Ah. I try to wait till it passes. And it did. Some days I am better at this, and other days I’m not so good at accepting where I am. 🙂


2 comments on “Day 36 and 37 Playing with watercolor and ink and altered book stuff

  1. Jill Kuhn
    October 10, 2015

    Hope you get feeling better, Corinne! I like the impression the extra ink left on your paper. You inspire me to try this too! 😊🎨💚

    • corinnebekker
      October 11, 2015

      Hi Jill. Some rest helped a lot. And trying to be less perfectionist, not having to do it all. Hope you try it too. It’s just another way to do the ink dropper work Carla introduced in Faces 101 (if I remember correctly) and also in a recent Year of the Spark class. Just on top of something else. Fun.

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