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I learned how to make monoprints in 2013. Monoprinting has proven to be quite addictive. Monoprints don´t always turn out well. It takes making several to get to something I really like. That´s not a problem, it´s just a fact of (art) life that you need to go through bad drawings and paintings to get to good ones. Perhaps a little more so for monoprints. Sometimes making an art work isn´t even the main purpose.  For example, it´s a great way to make colorful painted papers which can be used in collage later on.

Most of my prints are abstract pieces, some landscape like. Sometimes they contain animal figures, when I draw on top of them after they are dry.

I use a so called gelli plate for monoprinting. A gelli plate is a flat plate on which you can spread paint or ink and by putting on a piece of paper or card stock, you leave a layer of paint. There are all kinds of ways to make interesting shapes on your print.You can mix different colors, draw into the paint with objects, layer materials on top (masking off some of the paint), to name but a few. A nice way to make interesting marks on the monoprint is by using masks and stencils. Below is an example where I used a stencil of a giraffe.

Print on sturdy card stock using acrylic paint. Appr. 20 x 25 cm

`Head in the clouds giraffe´. Monoprint on sturdy card stock using acrylic paint.
Appr. 20 x 25 cm

In this case I cut the stencil myself from a piece of card stock. I put the stencil on the paint before putting the paper on it, with the result that only the giraffe shape appeared on my print. I used a print that already had some layers of paint on it, hence the blobby marks in the background.

A stencil can also be made out of a piece of plastic or other material. It can be home-made or store bought.

A mask is a shape made from a flat material (paper, card stock, plastic). It could be the shape I pulled from the stencil.Put it on the paint and only the remainder of the paint will get on your monoprint, forming the so-called negative shape around the object. Below you’ll find an example of using a mask.

This print “Blue Autumn” I made by using leaves as masks and stamps. Where I put a leaf, the print remained white, the surrounding paper turned blue (first layer of paint) or light green (a later layer). I used the painted leaves as a kind of stamp.

Print using leaves as masks and stamps. Appr. 20 by 25 cm.

Blue Autumn. Print using leaves as masks and stamps.
Appr. 20 by 25 cm.

Find more prints on my Monoprints page.



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