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Of birds and flying horses

April8 Blob - Magic horse_take two

Magic horse. Acrylic paint, ballpoint pen and black ink pen on blank card.

I’ve been wondering about my card series. I started the year with the concept of playing the color wheel, making a set of cards with color blobs on them to finish with a drawing later. The exercise of taking a blob and draw something is helpful in itself as a warming up for a creative session, a jump start for the imagination. Doing the series, using one leading color at a time was meant as a challenge, to find out what impact working with the colors would have. Would some colors be easier than others? Do they have different effects on me?

I stopped when I was working on green. I have been wondering about that quite a bit lately.

Since I started this Card Blob Bird project I made quite a few drawings on cards. First a series that started with a dark blue and a blue black blob. After that I made some that were mostly green and some with blue,green and a bit of yellow. Then I made one green bird. I loved that bird. Totally in love I was… I thought it was the best bird so far in the series. And then I got stuck.

Acrylic paint and mechanical pencil on blank postcard.

Acrylic paint and mechanical pencil on blank postcard.

Why did I get stuck? I couldn’t figure it out. Was it because of the color green? Was it because I loved that one card so much? Because I got tired of the concept? In fact it may have been a more down to earth explanation, a combination of busy with work and the fact that we all were ill in my family for a while and I simply forgot to go on because inspiration struck in another way? But I didn’t realize that at first.

janfeb blobs green yellow

Blob cyclist wannabe. Acrylic paint on card.

The other day I looked at the green blobs I had left. They all said “person” to me, not “bird”. At best a bird-woman, but definitely not a bird. At the time when I tried to find birds in them, I just left them to try another day. No luck. I just stopped making cards for a while.

Long haired lady sitting on a fence. Acrylic on card.

Long haired lady sitting on a fence. Acrylic blob on card.

I made new pieces, on other paper mostly.  I drifted off doing other projects. I made birds in acrylic paint, listening to music. No worries, lots of inspiration. Drawings came to me and birds seemed to fit in. I was happy that I made birds at least. The jump start was the music, though, and the wish to use a particular kind of technique (stippling). I lost the connection to making cards.

The other day I looked at the last bird in the card series again. Like I had done several times. Suddenly I realized nothing was wrong with the bird or the idea. I was just being silly – I felt I could only go on if I made myself do birds on those self-same cards that didn’t work! The moment I realized that – the spell was broken. So what that the earlier cards didn’t work?! There is no law against making new cards.

So the day before yesterday I made new cards. Out came the paint tubes, as I followed along a lesson by Juliette Crane –painted some birds – and finally started a new series of cards. Some I made green, some yellow, some blobby messes. Something must be there! And I think there is… Though perhaps not always a bird. A flying horse is fine too, isn’t it?


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