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32 kinds of art. Really?

I promised recapping the 101 Art Challenge.

I hadn’t set myself a target that was hard to realize. While some of the challenge participants made 101 pieces of the same kind (art cards in only 2 sizes like Carla Persoon-Deen), or 101 paintings, I settled for less. I reached my target – or found out I had – on August 31st. I finished my 18 paintings and 32 smaller or sketchier pieces on August 31st. I have to be honest some of my pieces are only sketches, or oneliners. But it does feel nice to have finished 32 pieces, representing 32 kinds or art work.

In fact, counting sketches and drawings, I found I had made 101 pieces (at least) and used many different techniques. 32 techniques, sounded like a nice claim. But really? Really? Yes, you”ll just have to believe me.

At first I thought I’d give you a list to prove that I actually did 32 kinds of techniques. Obviously that would be very boring. So I will not do that after all. Also, it is just a matter of opinion how to count. When I did start to check my counting, I felt really silly. Anyone who wants to find out anyway? Let me know, and I may just do the boring blogpost anyway – with a warning sign on it. 😉

I’ll just show you some of my mixed media paintings. I counted them as one kind, but that is neither here nor there. I’ll throw in some pictures and even a BAD PAINTING – the painting where I painted funny eyes on an otherwise nice painting of a girl.

Well, decide for yourself.  I’ll start with one of the …. Bad Paintings (I made at least three: 1. of a Girl and bear; 2. Of a garden; 3. A journal spread of a girl with funny eyes : limited palette painting). Here’s Limited Palette Girl With Funny Eyes. Don’t you think it looks like she’s drugged, or has used belladonna in her eyes? SO: Bad Painting!

2014-06-14 wk 18 Tams prompt

This is just one of a series of Mixed media Paintings on large watercolor paper or in my journal; paintings and mixed media pieces of Girls (mostly) after Lifebook lessons. There are at least six of those. (Oh my here’s me counting again… I’ll allow it for now.)

  1. In the moment (acrylic painting on watercolor paper)
  2. Ghostly girl (acrylics using mark making, stencils, gesso)
  3. Limited palette girl in a journal (a Bad Painting): neocolors, acrylics and pencil, see above)
  4. Inner Sacredeye (spray inks, markers and pen)
  5. Gratitude painting, including a whimsy girl (watercolor and acrylics and pen)
  6. Jennie meets Jane (large journal spread using craft paint, acrylics, gesso and charcoal)
    (after lessons by Danielle Daniel, Effy Wild, Tamara Laporte (2), Tascha Parkinson, Jenniebellie and Jane Davenport)

I didn’t just paint on prompts by others. I worked with friends discussing fairy tales, and then painting in anyway we wanted. Which led me to: a drawing using colored pencils (Vassilisa – dying bed scene),  a drawing using soft pastel crayons (Vassilisa in the woods) and also this mixed media painting on thick watercolor paper, using neocolor and gesso: ( Vassilisa Whimsy)

Vassilisa whimsy 22 juni


Some watercolor paintings

I did several kinds of watercolor paintings and find I want to do more of those. I liked trying  out the prompts by Fred Lisaius, part of the 2014: Summer Online Art Camp. Beach watercolor W1 D1


Setting a new target and a new subject

Since reaching my first target, I’ve set myself a new one. I know I have to fit it in with my other work schedule, so I can’t set out to paint 101 large paintings in 101 days. I wish I could; but for the moment I will have to make do with only one day of the week. I can’t even set out to make 101 small paintings I think. But I can certainly try to make 101 small pieces of art during 101 days. I’ve done it, felt what it was like and I don’t want to stop. I still need to practice finishing. So here goes another 101 days. It started –for me- with giving myself more parameters, this time choosing a subject for the first month: birds. After all I started doing birds in August. And I like it.

New target : 101 days again. Until the end of September – at least 30 birds. At least 10 contour drawings from a reference. And we’ll see what happens. I’ve already started.

Small celebration

Yesterday several people in the challenge wrote a blogpost on the end of the challenge – like I do now. Last night we all thanked Stephanie Cant for starting it, in the facebook group.

Last night I had a small celebration, a nice glass of wine to celebrate the end of MY first challenge. I felt I needed to do a bird. So it turned into a drawing and washi tape collage party. More about that another time.




2 comments on “32 kinds of art. Really?

  1. painted jaybird
    September 11, 2014

    Congratulations Corinne! A great idea to count up your work. I think I will too.

    • corinnebekker
      September 12, 2014

      Thanks Jaybird. Nice to hear from you again. In fact the counting is something else as well. I hope to start to see some patterns. I made many washi collages. And I am starting to find that I like some kinds of drawing a lot more than others. It helps me find my voice, as it were.

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