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101 pieces of art !

Taking stock again today about the 101 art challenge. I had lost count, so today I went through pics of all I did. I found that I’ve already reached my target. YEAH! In this post you will find some examples of the different kinds of art I made for the past three months.

For those of you who missed the post (of June 27th)  on the art challenge, I took on the ‘101 Art challenge’ – together with at least 20 other artist friends from all over the world. Many of my artist friends set out to make 101 pieces of art in 101 days. Some went for making a lower number (for instance because they are used to making larger paintings that take more days to make. The idea behind it was to get into a habit of making art more often, if possible daily. To make a lot of art. To make it better.


I chose to do 18 paintings and 32 pieces of art. Any kind of piece would do – art class  experiments (vignettes), drawings, paintings, anything’. Given that I had been on an online art course during the first two weeks of June, I had already reached some good results. It also gave me an idea of how many I could do.

I noticed that the counting in itself takes time too, time I’d rather spend otherwise. For this reason I lost track sometimes. Knowing that others were going for ‘art every day’ or 101 pieces I started to get into a mode of making art every day for a while (or nearly every day) too. Even during my holiday I made an item (nearly) every day. Most of the time it was a postcard size item – and often more than one. I also did a lot of drawing, mostly sketches.

Today – to my surprise I found that I had already reached my target: 101 pieces, of which there were 18 paintings (different sizes). From the 101 there were 32 different kinds of art pieces, using different kinds of techniques. So instead of making 32 pieces, I made lot more than intended. And most of them were quite small (postcard size) or quick (oneliner drawings and washi tape collages). I’ll show a little sample of the big and the small items below.


During June I was on the course Paint your garden, by Diane Culhane. So many wonderful techniques to experiment with; so I made a lot of little vignettes on watercolor paper (gesso-ed on both sides). For instance some using masking fluid or masking tape, or frottage. For instance this little piece I started using cling wrap on the wet paint.

tree and critters PYG

During my holiday in France I made a lot of washi tape collages.

washi tape semi abtract_28_ 31 juli #3

After my return I entered an online summer art class (2014: Summer Online Art Class, hosted by Carla Sonheim). As the course was cut into smaller parts, different teachers teaching different techniques for three days, there was a lot to choose from (I still have several lessons to do). I made some watercolors, a big painting and made almost all of the warm up exercises. Mostly small drawings like the oneliner vases. I made – at least – ten of those. 😉

oneliner vases #__


Some of my favorite pieces of this three month period are the collages made for the Joy of Collage class by Lynn Whipple. I showed the ‘in progress shots’ earlier this week. See what you think of the finished pieces!

This one I call “Flower tree”:

2014-08-28 17.49.56


I had a lot of fun gluing backgrounds, adding torn colored paper. I used some discarded monoprints, white acrylic paint, pencil. And lots of glue.

2014-08-28 Bak bloemen


What have I learned over the last three to six months?

1. That I don’t like to count my art, just for the sake of counting.

2. From discussions with others I got to the idea that I ‘d like to practice finishing. And so I did (on these two collages at least) – and will do for a while now.Like I said earlier, let’s make it a habit.

3. From Lynn Whipple and Karine Swenson I learned that it’s important to just ‘move your hands’: get started quick and don’t get too attached to the piece. Lynn: “It’s all just a layer.” Karine : “It’s only canvas and some paint.” If it sucks, cover it up, add, push it further.

4. There is an awesome art community out there. The facebook group Art 101 has so many wonderful people in it, who are wonderful at their art, and helpful for others.  And together we make such wonderful art.

5. I also found that I’m very, very happy with some of the work that I made recently. The flower tree, and the pieces made for Diane Culhanes class ‘Paint your garden’.

2014-06-25  Fourth of the day_smaller

The challenge ends around September 9th. Meanwhile I will think of a proper way to celebrate by that time. And perhaps a new challenge? I am thinking about painting birds for a month – and then choose a new subject.

I welcome suggestions on what to paint and draw in September, October and November.Please leave them in the comment box below.



3 comments on “101 pieces of art !

  1. Lynda
    September 1, 2014

    well done on finishing your challenge. I love all your collage works, they are such fun. As I set my goal to just manage to finish 101 art pieces with no time scale sorry I cant help with suggestions of what next, though the birds is a good idea. I think 29 faces might be starting up soon I think that is usually September, must see if I can find it.

    • corinnebekker
      September 1, 2014

      Thanks, Lynda, for dropping by. Finishing in your own time is great too. I know you’ll keep us posted in the 101 Art group. As for a subject to work on: faces is a good idea too. I’ll keep a note of that, thank you!

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