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Over the past few days I have been working on some collage art. It is just one of those ways to make something that feels good and gets me started.

Fly girls, fly! (inspired by Lynn Whipple)

In June I took an online class with the wonderful Lynn Whipple, The Joy of Collage (the class was hosted by Carla Sonheim). Lynn makes it so easy and so fun. Lynn has a wonderful sense of humor – she could have called the course ‘The FUN of collage” too. She shared the way she works on her collage pieces, first working fast on a background, adding vintage photos and then adding a layer of paint leaving a space around the photo in a way that brings some details out, and pushes some back. We started several pieces, I have finished only one so far.

collage aug 17 LWstyle  #1

One mag collage (inspired by Randel Plowman)

A few days ago I started on a kind of collages I do sometimes. I used the prompt from a book by Randel Plowman “The collage workbook”: take a magazine and use one snippet of paper from each page (or each spread in this case). I finished one, and since I was in the flow I made another one using up the leftovers. Such fun. I got in a kind of meditative mood, that felt really good. I didn’t have a plan beforehand, it just unfolded while doing it. The only extra constraint I chose was to use a 15 cm by 15 cm format I us more often. Otherwise, totally free. First pick the snippets, just make a choice about which colors and textures I like. Then I decided simply ‘where to start’ on the page, just pasting pieces down in a way that feels good to me. And after a while I found a theme to explore (leaf shapes) and used it more from the start in the second one (the left one below).

collage aug 16 #2 collage aug 16 #1

Fairy tale collage: Twelve dancing princesses

I know there is an assignment of the online Fairy tale class I could do, watched the video again, but I feel something keeping me… There is also the extra tale (Carla Sonheim always adds a little extra by the 10th of the month), The Twelve Princesses. I decided to start there…

The short version of the story is as follows. There are 12 pincesses. They all sleep in a large room. When they wake up in the morning they find that there shoes are totally worn and torn. The kind, their father, wants to know what happens during the night. He sets a challenge. Any man (prince) who thinks he can find out what happens at night, gets the chance to find out. He can try to find out for three days (nights actually). If he doesn’t he gets killed. Many princes try and fail. Then one prince is capable to work around some of the tricks that the princesses pull to prevent from being found out. Every night they get up, dress up in their best dancing gear, walk down a staircase, and after a boat ride get to a palace where they dance the night away until their shoes are worn and they return home. The prince follows them, collects evidence and in the end gets to marry one of the princesses.

As there is no assignment whatsoever, I felt free to do some more collageing. Just a bit of play with more pieces of paper (from the same magazine, haha). I took a freeing approach, just cutting pieces that seemed ‘dress-like’ and then fitting a princess into it. Making different sizes and hey, then they all fitted on the winding staircase that is in the story.

2014-08-19 13.15.46 Twelve princesses sketch


PS 101 Art challenge update

As far as the Art challenge is concerned, the Lynn Whipple inspired one (“Fly girls, fly”) counts as #78; the last one counts as #79.


2 comments on “Collage art

  1. Lynda
    August 20, 2014

    Loving the collage theme (of course) and hardly dare look at the link as your course sounds just my thing. Your princesses are gorgeous.

    • corinnebekker
      August 20, 2014

      Thanks Lynda. I was at your blog yesterday – going along the blog hop line. I do love your mixed media collages with faces!

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